Custom Steel Aluminum Tents Suppliers
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Custom Steel Aluminum Tents Suppliers

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[Edina, September 9 2016] — Après Party and Tent Rental, a business run by father and son duo Charlie and Michael Feldbaum, promotes sustainability in the event rental industry by using ecologically friendly practices in their business operations. This is in accordance to the global effort of corporations in taking steps towards sustainability.Trendsetting RecyclingThey are one of theChina Relief Tents Manufacturers premiere providers of event rentals and creative event solutions in the area. Their initiative to abide by the ongoing enterprise of greener practices sets the precedent of starting programs, such as recycling plastic and glass bottles, whenever possible. They also use in-house laundry to reduce fuel cost and to prevent additional plastic waste.Going Practically PaperlessAprès Party and Tent Rental also prefers conducting contracts electronically whenever possible. Should printing in house prove to be a necessity, the company uses recycled materials and minimal amounts of ink and dye.The company also practices duplex printing, otherwise known as the practice of using both sides of the paper when printing.Reclaiming Damaged TablesAprès Party and Tent Rental cut down damaged tables and refurbished them into newer, smaller tables earlier this year, which they made available for rent. This goes with their initiative of reusing materials whenever possible. They also reuse packaging popcorn, bubble wrap, and plastic bags to protect their assets.“[We are] dedicated to making the second generation of Après continue and grow in the community we serve as well as around the nation,” says Après Party and Tent Rental Chairman, Charlie Feldbaum.About Après Party and Tent RentalAprès Party and Tent Rental, a family grown business, specializes in event rental services and creative event solutions in the Upper Midwest. TheChina Military Tents Suppliers business began in a lower level residential property in the Christmas of 1987. Now, their operations encompass over 63,000 square feet and they are one of the top 30 rental services in America.Interested parties may visit .

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با سلام.به دنیای ایران سی ان بلاگ و وبلاگ جدید خود خوش آمدید.هم اکنون میتوانید از امکانات شگفت انگیز ایران سی ان بلاگ استفاده نمایید و مطالب خود را ارسال نمایید.شما میتوانید قالب و محیط وبلاگ خود را از مدیریت وبلاگ تغییر دهید.با فعالیت در سایت کسب و کار ایران سی ان به آدرس و قراردادن لینک های بازاریابی در وبلاگ خود می توانید اقدام به کسب درآمد اینترنتی نمایید. در صورت نیاز به راهنمایی و پشتیبانی از قسمت مدیریت با ما در ارتباط باشید.برای حفظ زیبابی وبلاگ خود میتوانید این پیام را حذف نمایید.امیدواریم لحظات خوبی را در ایران سی ان بلاگ سپری نمایید...

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